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A new year, new ideas and almost the same old me!

After months of being ill I am finally back to work, which is lovely, exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! Life balance is something we all strive towards but this year it is something I am taking very seriously so I have given lots of thought as to how I can achieve this. I am so lucky living in the outskirts of Aberdeen with the River Dee on my doorstep, the views, the wildlife and the colours are always changing and a huge inspiration in everything I do so a daily walk is important. I wander along with my camera photographing the plants, river, ducks, hens and pigs I meet on my journey. Being outside allows me to think, get lots of brisk fresh air and get my steps in.

The next daily must is getting back to the gym, I haven't been for four months and I miss it so much. I was swimming, lifting weights as well as going to Pilates, Body Combat, Body Pump and Blaze. So tomorrow (Saturday 11th) is the big day and I am going back to Body Combat for the new release. It's going to be messy but that first step has to be taken and come Monday I will be back every day. If it's not raining I can walk to the gym thereby leaving the car at home and nailing two daily objectives in one fell swoop. I can hear you say but that is half the day gone and it probably is but as my children are grown up it is just me and the cats so I can start work at 1pm and continue working to whenever. However I do have a tendency to not stop once started so I have decided that my working days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Friday being a taking photos , updating the website kind of a day.

So far so good!

To achieve all of this plus more I need to be organised, very organised. Meet my new friend! I always spend so much time searching for the exact colour of topstitching thread and now they are in front of my sewing machine. Perfect.

Enforced time off allowed me time to plan and there are a few new designs on the website and a few more in the pipeline, which is exciting. I am most pleased with the hand dyed Wyvis denim project bags. Due to the dying process every one is different, it may be the way the fabric is folded or as simple as the flow of water during dyeing but they are fun. As always the linings are chosen to make a statement with the main fabric.

Wish me luck tomorrow and next Friday I will let you know if the organisation worked and show you the new range of project bags.

Have a great weekend.

Hilary x

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